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This is my Home Page for oldbricklayer.co.uk

Oldbricklayer.co.uk Web Site is for my own personal use, and just to pass the time, it is not for professional use.

About me

How to change Window 7 Boot, if you have had a crash, and had to reinstalled Windows 7, just click on the link below

Change Windows 7 Boot.

Just select a Construction Company from the Drop List, and then click the go button.

Below are links to the big four, UK Construction and building Companies.

Laing Construction

Sir-Robert-Mc alpine

George Wimpey


Below are links to a few Agencies, that I thought may be of help to you, just click the link.

Building Agencies

You can email me at: barry@oldbricklayer.co.uk if you wish, all spam will be bounced back.

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